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[Info] 2013 M Lee Minwoo Christmas concert - XMAS



A welcome concert news that informs of the opening act for Korea’s top idol group Shinhwa’s M Lee Minwoo 10th solo anniversary project ! 12/24-25 @ Uniqlo AX Interpark ticketing opens 11/10

Concert information

- Concert name: 2013 M Lee Minwoo Christmas Live - XMAS
- Concert date and time: 24 Dec (Tues) 7:30pm / 25 Dec (Wed) 5pm
- Concert venue: Uniqlo AX
- Rating: Not for pre-schoolers 
- Ticket price:  110,000 won throughout (inclusive of tax) (1st floor standing / 2nd floor seated)
-  Ticket sales: Interpark (for queries: 1544-1555)

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Eric and a dog at a photoshoot set.



Shinhwa’s Junjin shed tears upon hearing about story of the abandoned dog, Suni.

On the upcoming episode of JTBC’s “Shinhwa Broadcast - Shinhwa seeks little legends” on the 10th will reveal the second half of “Angels in the Wild”.

In this episode, Shinhwa specially organised a “Dog Party”…


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☾Moonlight Chemistry 


☾Moonlight Chemistry 

I’m not the type of the person who goes easy on my artworks. 
I always believe everything happens for a reason. My artworks are not the exception. They’re not just for decoration. With every artwork, I put my feelings into it. 

These two banners I made for SHINHWAVN.COM for Dongwan’s coming birthday. He himself exudes a feeling of TRUST and CARING, that’s why I took the lyrics from “On the road” and “The untold stories” to make the texts. 

- The first banner: there’s an image of a clock, representing the time passing by, but everyone, SHCJs, believe in his words, yep, it’s the mutual trust. The stock is taken from a magazine, in 2007-2008. His warm smile makes ppl feel assured that Shinhwa would definitely come back.

- The second one: The stock is taken from “The return storybook” in 2012, which means Shinhwa did come back as promised. That’s why I highlighted the word “PROMISE”. Yep, they kept their promise and are still walking and standing together on stages. 

I know not many ppl look for such tiny things, it’s fine if it’s beautiful but I make my artworks extremely detailed just b/c I have a responsiblity in everything I’ve done. Somehow, I just want to spoil my feelings :) 

This month is memorable for all SHCJs, with two vitally important birthdays.

Happy birthday to you, oppayam ^^~

How to provoke the Little Prince, by Eric


…of the latest episode of Shinhwa Broadcast. If you don’t want to be spoiled, just skip my post.

So I got at Incheon Herbland really late and there was a huge line outside. The girl before me told me that they’ll only let in 100 fans and she was like 107 but they still lined up in case the PD…

they feel so proud of maknae, don’t they? xD

OMG I’m so blue then I see this and I laugh so hard now =))))))))))))